Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences Department of Rural Health

Rural Clinical School

The Rural Clinical School (RCS) is one of five Clinical Schools of the University of Melbourne, Melbourne Medical School. The Clinical Schools provide Clinical rotations and education for the final three years of the Doctor of Medicine course.
The RCS is significantly funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing under Health Workforce Programs.

The RCS officially commenced operation in July 2002 with its first intake of 12 students. Over the years, the RCS has significantly increased its capacity with an intake of 60 students in July 2010. Many students have enjoyed the RCS experience and lifestyle so much that they have chosen to undertake their Internship at our affiliated hospitals; providing valuable informal teaching and mentoring opportunities to current RCS students.

In 2010, the RCS Academic Team was awarded the Melbourne Medical School Teaching Award and the University of Melbourne Norman Curry Award for developing and refining a multi-faceted clinical education program for first year clinical students.

Graduands of 2010

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